Every investment you make is important


Cannabis is a fantastic investment. Since Colorado first opened its doors to adult use cannabis sales, thousands of companies have returned hundreds of millions of dollars to smart, diligent investors willing to take the risk. Arcview has had a hand in many of these deals. In our eleven-year history we’ve facilitated over $600M in deal flow into 300+ companies.

We know this industry inside and out.

One of the many tricky parts of investing in a cannabis company is figuring out the state of play. What is the actual Total Available Market for a company’s product or service? Is the need they are trying to address real or only real in the heads of the founders? Are your assumptions about the opportunity realistic?

“Investing in cannabis is hard, not only are there 12 distinct subsectors, each with their own characteristics, but operators are licensed on a state-by-state basis, These programs differ, and understanding its nuances is critically important. Peer Reviews help investors navigate this complex landscape and ultimately make better investment decisions.”

— Jeffrey Finkle, Co-Founder Arcview Ventures

As an angel or investment group who is looking to deploy capital in the cannabis market, you may be impressed with a specific company or investment opportunity, but have a number of lingering questions about the market in general.

Introducing Arcview Management Consulting’s ‘Cannabis Investment Review’. With this offering, our team will provide an analysis of the investment opportunity you are investigating. We’ll leverage our deep ties within the cannabis industry, multi sources of proprietary data and analysis from our team of cannabis investment experts with decades of experiences in the space to provide you with a quick, data driven, independent review of the investment you are considering within one month’s time.

AMC’s Cannabis Investment Review can assist you with:

  • Total addressable market – reviewed and analyzed from multiple independent sources
  • Product Roadmap Risks and Opportunities
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Analysis
  • Viability of Company’s Exit Strategy


We’ll meet with you and customize the Review for your needs and timeline.

This opportunity is perfect for angel investors, funds, and family offices new to cannabis. We’ll give you Arcview’s independent, experienced, data driven analysis of the investment opportunity as part of your due diligence.

Every investment you make is important. Let us help you make the right one.

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