Arcview’s Salon Event in the Hamptons

Arcview recently hosted a salon event in the Hamptons in preparation for the Hamptons Cannabis Expo.

We are sorry if we missed you for our Arcview Salon event last Saturday afternoon

Unfortunately, uninvited guest “Henri” dampened many people’s plans.  We had a rough drive home Saturday night and I bet you did also. Too bad.

Thank you for trying to join us.



However, we wanted to share some of the key insights from the fireside chats:

Jeff Finkle (CEO of the Arcview Group) and Matt Hawkins (Founder and Managing Partner of Entourage Effect Capital) had a lively conversation:

  • Building a family of funds in cannabis – creating successes even when it’s hard
  • Strong MOIC – “multiples on invested capital” achieved
  • Matt is Chair and now interim CEO of Harborside, early investment of EEC
  • Future of investing in cannabis remains strong, even as traditional VCs and Private Equity firms enter the business

Jeanne Sullivan (CIO of Arcview Ventures) and Charlotte Hanna, CEO of Rebelle, a Great Barrington, MA dispensary; cultivation and manufacturing:

  • Charlotte’s vision and ability to build out these licenses in the early days
  • The part social equity plays – taking care of her people beyond an hourly wage
  • Hiring from the  ROCA program – a MA-based program that helps men and women get on their feet after prison
  • Seeking great team players who help her buy product, build and create great marketing programs

We plan to continue these “Arcview Salon” events and hope to see you in the future.

maybe we will do more in-person Arcview Fund events.


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